Research-Project Symposium


Important Dates

Proposal deadline: 15 December, 2010
Acceptance notification: 1 March, 2011
Final Submissions for Online Presentation: 17 April, 2011
Submission: EasyChair
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In 2011, for the first time, ECOOP features a Research Project Symposium. The objectives of this novel event are:

  1. To foster European research interaction by providing an explicit opportunity for European researchers from industry and academia to make new contacts and start discussions that may lead to new project proposals and projects at the European level;
  2. To provide European research projects with an additional opportunity for disseminating their results, different from dissemination via academic papers or industrial training; and
  3. To provide industrial and academic partners from European research projects with an opportunity to meet and interact with the world's top researchers in the field, and find out about new developments and ideas that may influence their work in their own projects.

We would like to invite you to submit a proposal for a contribution from your project to this novel and exciting event. We are mainly interested in contributions that present an integrated view of a project's results with a focus on how these results could be transferred beyond the scope of the project. Contributions should, ideally, be tutorial-style and cover a broad range of a project's results.

All accepted contributions will be recorded and made available to the general public through a dedicated on-line resource as well as a survey publication of European research in an appropriate renowned journal. Participation in this event can, thus, contribute significantly to the dissemination activities of your European research project. Inversely, this is also an opportunity to recruit interest in your project from the wider research community.

Structure of the Event

The Research Project Symposium will take place in parallel to the main conference. Each accepted contribution will be allocated two slots over the course of the event in order to maximise the opportunities for conference participants to take part in the contributions they find the most interesting. Furthermore, there will be a session dedicated to seeding potential new project collaborations and proposals.

We are currently negotiating for contributions to be recorded (unless projects specifically ask for this not to happen) and for these recordings to be made available on-line together with a short description and further links to project pages. Additionally, we aim to publish a survey publication in an appropriate renowned journal.

Submission Details

We are calling for submissions of tutorial-style demonstrations of integrated results from current European projects, such as STREPs or IPs. Proposed contributions can be anything from 30 minutes to 3 hours in length, depending on what is an appropriate time to fully present the material. Accepted contributions may also submit a poster that will be presented during the conference poster session.

Proposals should be submitted as PDF documents outlining the specifics of the contribution to be presented. Submit proposals electronically through EasyChair. Proposals should be a maximum of 5 pages and should cover the following sections:

  1. Problem Description: What problems does the proposed solution address?
  2. Target Audience: Who will most benefit from the integrated solution to be presented?
  3. Details of the solution: Here, it is important to show how this is an integrated solution across a number of individual project results, rather than just a contribution from an individual research group.
  4. Presentation format proposed: All contributions should be in tutorial style. In this section, explain in detail what will be presented, discussed, done in the proposed session and justify the amount of time proposed for the contribution. This should also reference back to the sections on problem description and target audience, indicating how the problems identified are addressed and what steps are taken to address the expected target audience most efficiently.

Proposals will be evaluated by the Research Project Symposium co-chairs and a short list will be drawn up that is then approved by the main conference PC chair and committee. Proposals will be assessed on how strongly they integrate results across a project, on their relevance for the wider ECOOP community, maturity of results, as well as justification of the time allocated.