Call for Workshop Proposals


Important Dates

Proposal deadline: December 1, 2010
Acceptance notification: December 22, 2010
Submission: Email to ECOOP 2011 Workshop Co-Chairs, Eric Eide, and Sophia Drossopoulou at
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ECOOP 2011 will host an exciting array of workshops that address a variety of topics in object-oriented technology.  A workshop is a forum for exchanging ideas and theories that are still in an evolutionary stage.  Typically, a workshop will either address a focused topic in depth or explore connections between object-oriented technologies and other areas of interest.  ECOOP 2011 invites proposals for workshops lasting one or two days.

Workshop Proposals

A workshop proposal should include the following information:

A Preliminary Call For Workshop Papers, including:

  • Name of the workshop
  • Number of days for the workshop
  • An abstract: 150-200 words describing the workshop, suitable for the ECOOP Web site
  • A summary of the workshop format: e.g., refereed papers, and/or short papers, and/or invited talks, and/or problem solving, and/or brainstorming sessions.  How will papers or other submissions be reviewed?
  • A description of how the workshop papers and results will be published or otherwise disseminated (see note below)
  • References to previous workshops on the same/similar topic (if any)


About Each Organizer:

  • Name, affiliation, and contact information
  • Primary contact: identify one organizer as the primary contact
  • A brief biography (up to 200 words), focusing on the organizer's expertise in the field and experience as a workshop organizer


Overview Of Topic:

  • In addition to describing the workshop focus, the overview should also provide some information about the expected workshop participants
    • who are the likely attendees?


Proposal Submission and Review

Workshop proposals should be submitted by email to

Proposals will be reviewed by the ECOOP 2011 Workshop Co-chairs.  Each proposal will be evaluated according to the value and relevance of its workshop topic, the expertise and experience of the workshop organizers, and the potential of the proposed workshop to attract participants and generate useful results.


Workshop Milestones

To ensure the success of the ECOOP 2011 workshop program, accepted workshops will be expected to meet additional deadlines as summarized below.

  • Workshop call for papers and web site: 1 February, 2011

The web page should also contain the names of the PC members, if any.

  • Workshop paper submission deadline: 15 April, 2011
  • Workshop paper author notification: 10 May, 2011
  • Workshop full program disseminated: 15 May, 2011
  • Workshop papers available: 15 June, 2011

The workshop papers should be available to participants, in accordance with the workshop's plan for disseminating papers and results.

  • Workshop events: 25 July, 2011 and 26 July, 2011


Dissemination of Workshop Results

A proposal should clearly state how the results of the workshop --- i.e., the papers and other outcomes --- will be made available to participants and others, both before and after the workshop event.   The ECOOP 2011 Workshop Co-Chairs will provide guidance to the organizers of accepted workshops that wish to publish proceedings in the ACM Digital Library.


Advice for Planning a Workshop

One should not rely on people's instantaneous and proactive participation in a workshop.  Many participants tend to adopt a consumer role, rather than a
producer role, during a workshop.  However, people tend to enjoy and profit more from workshops in which they take an active role.  Thus, prepared presentations and formally reviewed papers should usually precede any creative sessions.

Large groups tend to behave like an audience, whereas groups of four to eight people are much more likely to interact.  When planning collaborative sessions, consider having several smaller groups rather than one large group in order to foster the generation of new ideas.



For additional information about this call for workshops, please contact the ECOOP 2011 Workshop Co-Chairs, Eric Eide, and Sophia Drossopoulou at