Research Project Symposium

In 2011, for the first time, ECOOP features a Research Project Symposium. The objectives of this novel event are:
• To provide European research projects with an additional opportunity for disseminating their results, different from dissemination via academic papers or industrial training;
• To foster European research interaction by providing an explicit opportunity for European researchers from industry and academia to make new contacts and start discussions that may lead to new project proposals and projects at the European level; and
• To provide industrial and academic partners from European research projects with an opportunity to meet and interact with the world's top researchers in the field, and find out about new developments and ideas that may influence their work in their own projects.

The contributions will present an integrated view of a project's results with a focus on how these results could be transferred beyond the scope of the project. Contributions are tutorial-style and cover a broad range of project results.

The Research Project Symposium will take place in parallel to the main conference. Each day concludes with a session dedicated to seeding potential new project collaborations and proposals.

There will be presentations from three European projects (list of all projects):